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The May 16, 1997 phone message
from Keith Padgett to John Sample

Hi John, Keith Padgett of Big Brothers. I tried to call you at work and they said you'd gone. (Ah.) Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, it took me time to (ah) review the situation with our staff. (Ah.) I decided not to call (ah) your little brother's mom, but I have reviewed the situation and (ah) there won't, there will not be any change in our decision. I'll be happy to (ah), in fact I'm disappointed that I can't talk in person about it but I did promise you that I would get back to you by Thursday. So that's why I'm leaving a message. (Ah.) I prefer to talk to (ah) you in person face to face (ah) at least (ah) live voice so (ah) if you want to give me a call back 889-6887 thanks.

3:10 PM Friday - (Date and time stamp by recording system.)


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