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This incident happened because a number of individuals either abused their power or were unwilling to do their job. The following people caused and/or allowed this problem to happen or get out of hand.

Rachel Zimmer - (206)461-3630

This woman tried to slander me within the first minute of the first conversation I ever had with her. She did the same thing the second time I talked with her. How many other men has she tried to slander?

Dana Mrozek - (206)461-3630

This supervisor was willing to sacrifice the best interests of a little boy. Why is she still a supervisor in Big Brothers? Why are women telling men how to help little boys grow up to be men?

Keith Padgett - (425)822-6687

Mr Padgett is the head of the Seattle office. He had a duty to look out for the little boys in his agency. When I brought him a problem, he tried to ridicule and slander me. He then mishandled the investigation by refusing to call the mother. His bumbling caused this incident to get out of hand.

Kenny Alhadef - (206)343-0080

Kenny Alhadef is a board of directors member for the local Big Brothers office. I told him of the problem and asked him to call the mother. He did not. Why not?

Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy called me and represented himself as a "member of the board of directors" of the local Big Brothers office. He did not tell me that he was a practicing attorney. He said that he wanted to know what I wanted. During this conversation he purposefully tried to co-mingle my name with talk of child abuse. He spent a significant amount of time trying to do this. I had to ask him on a number occasions to refrain from this malicious line of questioning.

I told him the story. I requested that he call the mother. When I asked him why Mr. Padgett had not called the mother, he sighed, and said he would "like to know" also. He did not call the mother


Most of the members of the Board of Directiors in the Seattle office of Big Brothers know of this incident. Not one of them has ever picked up the phone and called the mother.

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