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What really happened?

So what the heck really happened? Why would Big Brothers risk harming a child by closing a match they had previously deemed "poster boy" perfect?

Big Brothers is denying me access to my own file. So as best as I can put the facts together, here is my opinion of what must have taken place.

In the spring of 1997, Ms. Dana Mrozek and Ms. Rachel Zimmer were assigned to my case. Neither one of the two women knew the mother, the little brother, or me.

While conducting a routine review, they went through my file and saw some of the male-positive articles I had written. (These articles were in my file because the intake coordinator asked me for copies during the intake process.) Evidently, Ms. Mrozek and Ms. Zimmer were so enraged by my articles that they decided to get me out of the program. It is just that simple.

They forgot they are supposed to work for the benefit of mother and child. They did not care that Big Brothers' goal is to help young boys or that their actions might harm my little brother. They did not care about his mother. And heaven forbid, they could not have cared less how unhappy I might be about their actions.

The two women decided to concoct a story to get me out of the Big Brothers program. Feminist politics gave them the right to do anything "for the cause."

Here is how it most likely happened

In March, 1997, Ms. Zimmer called and tried to slander me with talk of sex abuse. In retrospect, it was an attempt to cause me a real big problem. But at the time it seemed odd and, growing suspicious, I caught Ms Zimmer off guard. When she called the second time, I told her I thought she was trying to create a problem and suggested she actually read my articles if she hadnít, already.

After Ms. Zimmer's attempt at slander, she and Ms. Mrozek probably tried to "plant" a suggestion in my little brother's mind. The two women called the mother and requested that she and her son come to the Big Brothers office. (The mother does not drive, and this was a big inconvenience for her.) While there, the two women harassed the mother about the Las Vegas vacation, a trip that happened 8 months earlier and had been approved by case manager #1. Then they separated the child and took him into another room. God only knows what they did with him in there.

Finally, the two women must have decided that it would take too long to somehow "catch me," because they began looking for a way to create a justifiable reason. They went through the mother's and my file, distorted some of the details that previous case managers had written into our files, and presto, they created a problem.

On May 6, 1997, Ms. Mrozek called and kicked me out. Her justifications were the problems she and Ms Zimmer had created. Evidently, they expected I would just go away.

The Proof

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