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In early May, 1997, I was a happy volunteer (big brother) in the Big Brothers program. I had been involved in the program for over a year. For me, the experience had been quite good. I was looking forward to continuing to work with Big Brothers and helping the child.

The mother and her son were also quite happy with their experience. They, too, were looking forward to continuing with Big Brothers.

During this time every contact with the Big Brothers agency was positive. I even asked our case manager how our "match" compared with others. He said it was "as good as they get."

Then one day, without any notice whatsoever, the mother, her son and I were all kicked out of the program.

No one inside Big Brothers once thought about the little brother's feelings. No one cared that this action might cause this little boy harm. No one cared that the only reason for Big Brothers was to serve the best interests of little boys.

Two employees of Big Brothers broke all their own written rules. They lied and tried to cover up their actions.

This is the sad but true story of how two bigoted employees of Big Brothers sacrificed a little boy and his mother all for gender politics.

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